Unissant Takes Leadership Role in ANSI and ISO Data Standards

Unissant Takes Leadership Role in ANSI and ISO Data Standards

17:12 30 January in Pressroom

RESTON, VA, January 30, 2013

Reston data firm with deep roots in financial services industry names Bolgiano to represent it on ANSI X9 Board.

Unissant Inc announced today that it had become a member of ANSI X9, the national data standards body for banking, securities, payments, and information security.

Unissant CEO Manish Malhotra named Mark Bolgiano, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Programs to represent the company on the organization’s board of directors.

“The adoption of open global data standards by government and industry, and the support for practitioners, managers, and decision-makers, is critical to the mission and business objectives of Unissant”, said Malhotra, “we place a very high value on Mark’s participation as a representative of our firm serving in various volunteer roles in the national (ANSI) and global (ISO) standards governance process.”

Bolgiano, who recently joined Unissant, has a history of data standards leadership in the financial services industry at the national and global level, including his role as the first CEO of XBRL US, and director of the project to develop a standard taxonomy for GAAP accounting rules.  The XBRL US GAAP taxonomy is now used by all public companies to tag their quarterly financial statements and footnotes in compliance with a 2009 mandate from the SEC.  He has previously served on the ANSI X9 board, and on the U.S. delegation to the global ISO 20022 banking standards governing body.  He is the convener of the ISO 20022 working group developing the working group developing a semantic layer for harmonization across institutions and other standards.

“I’m honored to represent Unissant on this board, and to participate in the work of ANSI and ISO. The development and governance of open, free, and high quality data standards has never been more important”, said Bolgiano, “and data standards are emerging as a factor that will either limit the big data movement, or accelerate its evolution from market hype to mainstream”, said Bolgiano.

Unissant is a professional services, data architecture and systems engineering firm providing advanced information management solutions to government, commercial, and non-profit clients.  It is a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 compliant SBA 8a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB).

Contact: Mark Bolgiano 202.379.8900

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