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Welcome to the Unissant CIO-SP3 SB Integrated Project Team (IPT) website. This is database-centric, online collaboration tool and task management portal for the Unissant Program Manager, NIH Project Management, and Unissant team members. You can easily share project documentation and communication–and track deliverables. The site also helps you create financial, statistical, and management status reports and allows you to track Earned Value Metrics. In addition, the site provides visibility into project performance to our customers and stakeholders .


Unissant CIO-SP3 Contract Information

Contract Numbers
HHSN316201200104W (8(a))
HHSN316201200184W (Small Business)


Business Size
Small Disadvantaged Business
Small Business


Task Areas

  • Task Area 1:    IT Services for Biomedical Research, Health Sciences, and Healthcare
  • Task Area 2:    Chief Information Officer (CIO) Support
  • Task Area 3:    Imaging
  • Task Area 4:    Outsourcing
  • Task Area 5:    IT Operations and Maintenance
  • Task Area 6:    Integration Services
  • Task Area 7:    Critical Infrastructure Protection and Information Assurance
  • Task Area 8:    Digital Government
  • Task Area 9:    Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Task Area 10:  Software Development


Program Manager
Jango Unwalla
703.889.8500 x 114


Unissant Contracts


Contract Downloads


Unissant Prompt Payment Discount Terms: OMB Memorandum 11-32 Accelerated Payment to Small Business


Contract Number: HHSM-500-2016-00068I

The Strategic Partners Acquisition Readiness Contract (SPARC) is a cost-effective, innovative solution for procuring information technology (IT) professional services from a pool of CMS experienced partners.
The purpose of this contract is to provide strategic, technical, and program management guidance and support services, to facilitate the modernization of CMS business processes and supporting systems.
SPARC is a multiple award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), performance-based contract. It is available to all components within Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and all Health and Human Services (HHS) Operating Divisions to procure IT System development services, from end to end.


Advantages for Customers

  • $25 Billion Ceiling
  • Shortened procurement lead time
  • Access to high-quality industry partners
  • Partners offer agile, waterfall, and hybrid methodology
  • Small business set-aside
  • Socioeconomic credit potential
  • Ability to sole source to 8(a) partners for task orders under $4 million

Services available through SPARC

  • Initiation, Concept, and Planning Services
  • Requirements Services
  • Design Services
  • Development Services
  • Testing Services
  • Security Control Assessment (SCA) Services
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Support Services
  • Data Request Services
  • Help Desk Support Services


SIN 541611 Professional Services Multiple Award Schedule


The General Services Administration (GSA) Professional Services Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) offers a full range of management and consulting services that can improve a federal agency’s performance and their endeavor in meeting mission goals. MAS contractors possess the necessary expertise to facilitate how the federal government responds to a continuous stream of new mandates and evolutionary influences including the President’s Management Agenda; Government Performance and Results Act; Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act; OMB Circular A-76; Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act; and government reinvention initiatives such as benchmarking and streamlining.

GSA Advantage

GSA 8(a) STARS II Prime


Unissant, Inc. was awarded a contract under the General Services Administration’s 8(a) Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services II (8(a) STARS II) program. The 8(a) STARS II GWAC is a small business set-aside, multiple award indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract for technology solutions.


The 8(a) STARS II design consists of two constellations (tiers) based on industry accreditations.  Each of the 8(a) STARS II constellations includes four functional areas designated by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).  These NAICS functional areas are: 541511 — Custom Computer Programming Services, 541512 — Computer Systems Design Services, 541513 — Computer Facilities Management Services, and 541519 — Other Computer Related Services. Unissant was awarded under Functional Areas 1, 2, and 3 in Constellation 1.


The 8(a) STARS II GWAC is designed to promote small business utilization when purchasing information technology (IT) services or IT services-based solutions for the federal government.  The 8(a) STARS II program is reserved exclusively for qualifying certified 8(a) small business concerns as the prime contractors per Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 19.8.


Unissant Contract Information at a Glance

Contract Number: GS-06F-0971Z

Contract Types:  Fixed Price / Labor Hour / Time and Materials
Period of Performance: 2016-2021 (Option Period)
Unissant DUNS: 623884660
Payment Terms: Net 30 Days
Task Order Manager: Jango Unwalla, Phone: (703) 889-8500 Email: junwalla@unissant
Email Inquiries: stars2@unissant


STARS II Features Include:

  • Multiple award, indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle
  • Five-year base with one five-year option
  • $10 billion program ceiling
  • Directed Order Authority: Directed task orders up to $4 million each are allowed for federal civilian and Department of Defense activities


STARS II Benefits Include:

  • 8(a) socioeconomic credit transferrable to the agency
  • Pre-competed, easy to use contracts
  • Access to proven 8(a) small business technology providers
  • Shortened procurement lead time
  • Low user access fee (0.75 percent) built into contractor’s ceiling prices


Unissant, Inc. Constellation I Functional Areas:

  • 541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512 – Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541513 – Computer Facilities Management Services


8(a) STARS II Government Contact

Tel: (877) 327-8732
Email: s2@gsa.gov


8(a) STARS II Delegation of Procurement Authority Request:

Contracting Officers (COs) who wish to award and administer orders against the GSA GWACs must receive training and be granted a Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA).


SIN 54151S Information Technology Professional Services
SIN 54151HEAL Health Information Technology
SIN 54151HACS Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services


The General Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology (IT) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) provides government agencies with information technology and telecommunications hardware, software, and professional services.  The Schedule is currently open for use by federal, state, and local government agencies.


GSA Advantage


SeaPort Next Generation or SeaPort-NxG is a 10-year, $5B Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) ceiling contract that can be used across the DoD. All the work under this contract falls under two categories: engineering support services and program management support services.


Contract Number



What are the SeaPort-NxG functional areas?

  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Research & Development
  • System Design Documentation & Technical Data
  • Financial Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Configuration Management
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics Support
Contracts Contact

Elena Osinski
Contracts Manager
703.889.8500 x 122

Elena provides oversight for contract administration and compliance with federal regulations. Her responsibilities include drafting, evaluation, negotiation and execution of Non-Disclosure Agreements, Purchasing Agreements, Subcontracts, Consulting Agreements, Master Services Agreements; and providing guidance on contractual matters. She serves as the point of contact for internal and external customers on all contractual matters, focusing on connecting all major players in the most effective and timely way to ensure high efficiency, profitability and performance. She holds an MBA from Mount St. Mary’s University, an MA from Kurgan State University, and a Certified Federal Contracts Manager (CFCM) certification from the National Contract Management Association (NCMA).